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Single Parenting A Special Needs Baby

F At Her 2YO Well Baby and self portrait   I never had an opportunity to process F's Down syndrome diagnosis.  My husband was with me for that ultrasound, but he never talked to me about it the whole rest of my pregnancy.  I have always wondered why. Married or not, I have always been a single parent.  Other fathers, even military fathers with limited time at home, take an interest in their children and have a care for their wives, but that was not my lot.  In my 25 years of motherhood, I have never gotten a break from caring for my children.  I found ways around that, like bubble baths or romantic comedies enjoyed after the children were in bed, but it would have been nice to get out with girlfriends now and again.  It's funny that, right now, he thinks I'm preventing him from having time with F.  I'd love it if he actually stepped up to take care of her.  I'm looking forward to an afternoon in the woods all by myself.   F's Down syndrome means that she has a t

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